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Hello, my name is Jun. I graduated from the Art department at Macquaire University and then finished a photography course at Ultimo TAFE. In the past few years, I have been working on many different types and styles of images in many different environments. I love working with people, and I have met so many wonderful people during my work, and I feel humbled and honored that they chose me to be the person who records their beautiful life moments and memories.


I see myself as an artist who documents the life of others. Throughout my career, many stories have been captured by my lens. I know I can't create beauty, but what I can do is capture the beautiful moments I see using my camera to take a snapshot of the special moment.


When I take a photo, I imagine that it is placed on a table, hung on a wall, and uploaded to social media. I imagine that years later, these images and moments become eternal.


I hope that I am not just your photographer, but the one who helps you record your story. The works I do is all about love.

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